Story of a Woman after Filing False Cases


The woman symbolizes feminine strength. Only she has the power to construct, produce, bear the pain, and contribute to human evolution. When such force is hoodwinked towards destruction, she rages at others but burns herself.

We here share the story of Manorma (name changed), a woman who lost everything to fake feminism and fake cases against men.

A True- Story of A Woman After Filing a False Case Against Her Husband

Manorma comes from a Tier 2 city, intelligent and well-educated. She is like any other girl from India, full of love, dreams, and ambition. She was working at (ABC Company) at a manager level and was earning well when she married Rahul, a well-settled doctor from the same town.
She was happy, Rahul took good care of her, and her in-laws were reasonable. It was a nuclear family, Rahul’s elder sister was married and well-settled in the US.

But life is not always uphill.

Soon after the marriage, Manorma said to Rahul that she doesn’t want to work anymore as she is finding it difficult to cope between work-life balance and other responsibilities, like any other compassionate husband Rahul said it is your choice. As Rahul got busier with his work and responsibilities, Manorma went into this deep shit called an existential crisis. She craved time and attention from Rahul, which was missing from her life not because of Rahul’s insensitivity but because of the circumstances.

Manorma would always complain to her mother and brother that she was stuck in the daily household chores and how worthless she felt about herself. Unfortunately, her mother and brother kindled such negative emotions and provoked her to demand her rights and respect from her husband and in-laws.

Rights and Respect:

Rights, Respect: we use these words unconsciously, without knowing their real meaning.
Rights are legal, social, or ethical principles of freedom or entitlement; Respect is a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements.

Men and women have the right to live as per their choice, and the one who lives righteously automatically gains respect from family, friends, and society.

There is no discrimination in this fundamental way of living until some con beliefs like Feminism plays tricks and ruin the ecosystem of humankind.

Manorma was tricked too!

She fell into the trap of fake feminism. She could not understand that so-called women’s rights were made for women suppressed by Indian patriarchy, not those who were bored with their responsibilities.

Families in India have a simple structure. The two main building blocks – husband & wife work together to evolve economically, socially, and spiritually. Holding the system for long is inevitable whenever any partner starts putting pressure on another.

Manorma had laid that wreck in her family. In her frustration and confusion, she often argued with Rahul and abused him mentally and sometimes even physically. Rahul preferred to stay out as much as he could to avoid such stances and maintain peace at home, which fuelled her anger even more.

When a married couple doesn’t communicate and brings ego in between, they fail to break the ice wall between them, which could have otherwise quickly melted in the warmth of their love.

In India, 80% of divorce cases are because partners don’t communicate.

Manorma got under the destructive influence of her mother, brother, and so-called feminist friends and could not see her faults and flaws. She built up unrealistic expectations from her husband and, when not met, held retaliation against him.

Manorma was an intelligent lady, but she used all her intelligence to harm herself. She wanted a new life but was not aware of the cost she was paying.

In her vengeance, she filed a false case of 498A against her husband and in-laws. Poor Rahul was outrightly convicted and sent to jail. He was shocked and could not understand what was happening to him. He could not believe the person he loved was behind all this. He cried out for help from his friends, family, and even Manorma,

But in India, no one hears or sees a man bleeding and pleading.

Rahul was expelled from his medical practice and faced professional and societal barbs.

On the other hand, Manorma thought she had won herself a respectful, dreamy life which was not true. She soon realized she had been the real loser. Her parents and brother got busy with their lives, and she became estranged from them. She lost her reputation in society and her chance to find a partner again. She was left all alone, even her advocate disappeared after a few dates, all she could get interim maintenance of Rs. 8000 per month.

She then pleaded and begged Rahul that she wants to come back and start afresh however by that time Rahul had lost his trust in Manorma and the case is still going on.

This is just one story; there are several such stories where women have been supported by their friends and family members to become obnoxious towards their husbands and take atrocious measures to feed their false egos and pride. Owing to faulty laws, including IPC 498A, PWDVA 2005 Domestic Violence, 125CrPC Maintenance, IPC 376, and IPC 377, etc etc. many innocent men and their families are being suffered.

If you have any such story, please share it here or email it to us.

Monica Garkhel is a Gender Equality Crusader & who brings awareness about men’s rights, raises voices against unjust and inhuman systems, and offers legal advice and support to fight a righteous battle.

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