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Do Women Regret Filing False Cases Against Men To Ruin Them?

For someone willing to go as far as to trivialize the entire process of women’s empowerment for some financial and fleeting gains, it would be next to impossible for them to experience regret for their actions. What is all the more threatening to the fabric of society is that the number of women willing to […]

Misuse Of Section 498A In Today’s Era and Its Protection

The rituals and traditions have significantly shaped the country’s culture throughout India’s history. Marriage is a sacred social institution, yet it has seen radical transformations in the previous several decades. Historically, paying a dowry was seen as a blessing in Indian society. Finally, however, it reached a dangerous shape and became a scourge for civilisation, […]

Rights Of Husbands In Dowry And Cruelty-Based Complaints

According to Hindu tradition, marriage is considered one of the most sacred unions in human life (that is unrivalled). Yet beneath this beautiful family veil lies the crime of dowry (one of the most common social wrongs in India), which has been used as a weapon by women to harass, exploit, and extort men for […]

Story of a Woman after Filing False Cases

The woman symbolizes feminine strength. Only she has the power to construct, produce, bear the pain, and contribute to human evolution. When such force is hoodwinked towards destruction, she rages at others but burns herself. We here share the story of Manorma (name changed), a woman who lost everything to fake feminism and fake cases […]

The effects and causes of domestic violence against Men

It’s common for survivors of Domestic Violence to act out verbally or physically against the abuser, yelling, pushing him during conflicts. It often refers to abuse of a child or spouse and can include not only physical harm, but also threats and verbal, psychological and sexual abuse. It is hard to believe that in 2022 […]