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Feminism is a range of socio-political movements and ideologies that aim to define and establish the political, economic, personal, and social equality of the sexes.

While the concept of feminism may seem redundant in a country where women are literally worshipped, we as Indians have been made aware of the various social evils that necessitate certain legal protections for women.

However, it is evident that there has been an over-correction within our society where instead of providing an equal footing to the women who deserve it, the socio-political climate has pushed the Indian legal system to victimize men with Gender-Biased Laws.

Section 498A, increasingly bizarre standards of legally enforced Maintenance & Alimony, False Rape Cases, the complete isolation of male domestic violence survivors, the alarming rate of suicide amongst men, and the general malicious misuse of the legal system, are just a few examples of how the application of flawed western ideals is rendering Indian Men at a severe disadvantage. Cases related to 498A atrocious offenses need to be taken care of by a 498A Lawyer who has immense knowledge and experience in this section.

I have been part of the corporate workforce for 22 years, but it became impossible to ignore the call to activism when I realized that if the purpose of this legal direction was to navigate society toward Gender Equality, then a nefarious detour towards inflicting the equity of misery on the male sex has derailed that journey.

There is a clear and evident gender bias in specific laws today that automatically paints all women as victims and all men as Criminals. Such generalizations accomplish nothing for our social growth but set us behind the times instead. And the true victims be they women or men remain unaided by the hand of the law.


My cause is that of True Gender Equality-

-To strive, push, and campaign for gender-neutral laws because crime has no gender.

-To make men aware of their Legal rights, provide sound advice regarding Matrimonial Laws and Family Laws.

-To ensure that the Indian legal system stays on the accusatorial system of criminal law, where the accused remains innocent until proven guilty in the eyes of the law.

In this artificially manufactured battle of the sexes, the Indian society and the Indian family are at risk of decimation. 

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Let’s tackle hysteria with logic and efficiency.


Monica Garkhel

Monica Garkhel

Gender Equality Crusader, Relationship Counsellor, Integrated NLP Practitioner, 22 Years of Experience, Consummate Professional.

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