I am not against any particular gender; I am against Injustice, Gender-biased Laws, and a corrupt system. I am also against the skewed thought processes that lead to illogical justifications.

My cause is that of True Gender Equality:

  • To strive, push, and campaign for gender-neutral laws because crime has no gender.
  • To spread awareness about Legal rights and provide sound advice regarding Matrimonial and Family Laws.
  • To ensure that the Indian legal system stays on the accusatorial system of criminal law, where the accused remains innocent until proven guilty in the eyes of the law.

As a conscientious citizen of this country, I do my part without concern for the consequences or rewards. This is who I am, and I am proud of it.” Together, let’s build a system where all genders can co-exist peacefully !!

If you seek advice on legal matters, drafting (RTIs, Complaints, Court Applications, Petitions, and replies), Case Law Research, Preparation of Arguments, Legal Vetting, and Due Diligence, then contact us here.

Let’s tackle hysteria with logic and efficiency.


Monica Garkhel

Monica Garkhel

Gender Equality Crusader I Relationship Counsellor I Matrimonial expert in Rajasthan | Legal Support | Safeguarding Men in #498A Battles 

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