Do Women Regret Filing False Cases Against Men To Ruin Them?

For someone willing to go as far as to trivialize the entire process of women’s empowerment for some financial and fleeting gains, it would be next to impossible for them to experience regret for their actions.

What is all the more threatening to the fabric of society is that the number of women willing to file false cases against men to ruin them is remarkable. They have been convinced by some twisted notion of feminism and are armed to the teeth to exploit the very laws that were meant to protect them.

But at least they know that these law violations can trap them in a severe punishment web and hold power to destroy their remaining lives. If a similar fake feminism strategy also tortures you, then legal Counsellor in Jaipur Monica Garkhel will assist you in escaping this phony web.

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The following article will explore the possibility of such women feeling regret after the devastating consequences that men suffer because of their false accusations.

Cognitive Dissonance Regarding the Filing of False Cases

There are several reasons false cases are filed against men. They can be divided into two categories. Cases filed under the cognitive dissonance theory and the cases filed deliberately to ruin the lives of men.

Cognitive dissonance means mental conflict when your actions do not align with your beliefs. In these circumstances, the woman still believes she is using the law to protect herself.

Once that mental conflict is resolved, she can understand the magnitude of her actions and, thus, feel regret. She would even go as far as to make compensations.

The second case is trickier because the woman knows she has been morally wrong since the inception. Whatever her motive, she intends to use the law to destroy the image of a man in society. Thus, when someone is conclusively convinced to take such a drastic step, it is natural to perceive them as someone with no shred of conscience.

Causes Behind Filing False Cases Against Men

There is a broad spectrum of reasons a woman would want to file false cases against men to ruin them. These include


Perhaps it was a bad breakup, rebuke from the boss, or something as trivial as rescheduling a vacation trip; the heartbreak caused might disbalance the woman’s moral code of conduct and would push her down the path of revenge.


Anger and jealousy are compelling motives for a woman to fabricate certain incidents and file a false case against a person. For such reason, the woman is not looking for any catharsis or to even the playing field. There is no damage to the woman’s status quo. She simply wants to afflict doom onto the man’s life for something he did in the past.

While this ruse is relatively easier to detect, the rise of the Metoo movement has diluted the previously mentioned assertion.

A river of legitimate cases under the MeToo movement has been polluted by its many tributaries of fake cases fueled by anger, hurt, and jealousy.


For such reason, the woman is not concerned with getting a conviction against the other person. She is simply seeking societal attention. Thus, she will fabricate a case against the man in power to tarnish his image until she is immortalized as a survivor in the eyes of society or the man succumbs to a significant out-of-court settlement.


These usually happen in a honey trap but can also happen individually. The woman might gain access to some comprising information against the man and threaten to file a case against him using that information. Following this, she will extort him for financial gains. The proximity of the relationship, the gravity of the information, and the fear of the man, among other things, play a huge role in determining the longevity of the false case.

The Inability of The Indian Judiciary to Put Checks in Place to Curb the Filing of False Cases

In Sejal Sharma v. State of Haryana, the court noted that it is difficult to separate genuine cases from fake. This is because when the laws regarding crimes against women were drafted, it was expected that a day would come when false cases would dominate over genuine cases. The rise of immorality and greed was not foreseen; thus, the judiciary will continue to be exploited unless the legislature rectifies the laws against false claims.

Lack Of Accountability Leads to Women Feeling Lesser Guilt After Filing False Cases Against Men to Ruin Them.

The cost-benefit analysis of filing a false case reveals that the chances of getting caught are less. Even if you do get caught, the punishment is not severe compared to the rewards that lie for the woman on the other side of the false conviction.

Furthermore, there is also the media trial that will be simultaneously going on beyond the judiciary. There, the accused is always presumed guilty and is quick to applaud the woman’s bravery in coming out with her story rather than checking its integrity.

The constraints of the judiciary and the quick appraisal of society make a woman less accountable, and thus, they feel a decreased guilt for filing false charges.

The Mirage of a Colorful Life After Conviction

Seeing a growth of conscience in the heart of women after filing such false accusations is as rare as Haley’s comet. However, certain situations may result in the woman regretting her actions.

Perhaps, out of spite, a married woman filed false domestic violence or a 498A case, and her husband was falsely convicted. The imprisonment has rendered the marriage completely infructuous as the trust is broken. The maintenance awarded by the court is paltry, and the society behind her back has become indifferent as it has moved on to the following dramatic incident.

Perhaps, the promises of feminism that compelled her to file a fake case against her husband under the garb of the grass being greener on the other side were not true. Then and only then, a woman might feel an ounce of regret. Nevertheless, it would not be because she regrets her actions; it would be because she is suffering because of her misjudgment and would like to restore the status quo.


Going through the arduous process of litigation itself requires a firm resolve. If women cognizant of that fact still use it to file false cases, then an inference can be made that they would not feel any regret in doing so.

If you’re also trapped in any such false case, schedule your free 15-minute consultation appointment with Monica Garkhel to get an overview of the filings and procedure in your favor.

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