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Understanding The Complexities Of Marital Rape In India

Marital rape is a forceful or non-consensual act executed by the husband. This contentious issue is quite prevalent in India. Although marital rape is globally recognised as a violent form, it remains non-criminalised in the Indian region, which makes it a much-debated and complex issue. Women often face this grim reality and are left unspoken […]

What is Section 498A in The Indian Penal Code?

Section 498A in the Indian Penal Code (IPC) is a non-bailable offence that protects married women from abuse by their husbands or their spouse‚Äôs family members. The law states that cruelty towards a married woman is a crime, and the individuals or the family members are subjected to a minimum of three years of imprisonment […]

The effects and causes of domestic violence against Men

It’s common for survivors of Domestic Violence to act out verbally or physically against the abuser, yelling, pushing him during conflicts. It often refers to abuse of a child or spouse and can include not only physical harm, but also threats and verbal, psychological, and sexual abuse. It is hard to believe that in 2022 […]