Legal Consultation:

Need some sound advice on Matrimonial Laws? We can help. Our team of experts is here to address your Legal query, offering you the most informed advice and insight into the merits or demerits of your case, based on precedents.


In legal practice, a petition is the most important document which can ever be filed in court. From the petitioner’s perspective, a petition is a platform on which all other pleadings are based. And from the respondent’s side, a written statement is the singular document on which your defence relies in court.

Legal Vetting:

We perform Legal Vetting to ensure that the legal document is authentic and correct, and will make sure they are in line with the law.


RTI is a tool that every litigator can use to get documents, which are crucial for proving your case before the court. These documents can be medical records, financial records, land records, and many other documents which your enemy will try to hide from you.
These RTI applications can be prepared by your own self or engaging my professional services for preparing these RTI documents as per your requirement.

Filing Complaints/FIR

Complaints/FIR is a well-drafted document to ensure legal victory. I have used various formats of complaints, from Police Department, Vigilance, Income Tax, etc. to ensure that truth is revealed from the opposite party and False Cases are demolished.

You can engage my professional service for preparing/drafting a complaint that meets your specific need and circumstances.