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How To Prevent Misuse Of Rape Laws In India

A heinous act and crime, rape, causes immense emotional, psychological, and physical pain and anguish to its victims. Misusing rape laws can have injustice and discrimination for men and can have repercussions for those accused of rape or sexual offenses. Although voicing against sexual violence and protecting its victims is crucial, preventing the misuse of […]

Understanding the Essentials of Multiple Maintenance Provisions

The process of getting a divorce always involves talking about alimony, maintenance, and other relevant issues. When one spouse cannot support themselves, they receive financial support from the other, known as maintenance. It is the amount routinely given to one spouse or during a legal proceeding. In contrast, alimony is a one-time payment given to […]

498-A Police Complaint: Should I Immediately Apply For Anticipatory Bail?

Facing a 498-A police complaint can be daunting and bewildering. The possibility of immediate arrest and the non-bailable nature of the offence can be incredibly stressful. However, knowing that you have rights is crucial, and the Indian legal system provides safeguards. One of the most vital tools in such a situation is the option to […]

How to Overcome Stress in Your Marriage

Every marriage goes through periods of stress. Some level of occasional stress is healthy for a marriage, as it puts the relationship to some tests allowing couples to work on their communication skills. But when challenges and problems pile up and become chronic, they can damage a marital union. With marriage being a lifetime union, […]