Together let’s build a system where all genders can co-exist peacefully!!

Hi, I am Monica Garkhel, a gender equality crusader.

In India, many laws exist for the protection of women, but no one cares about the pressure that a man handles and that is the reason why no laws are made in favour of men. Many women nowadays take support of modern legal India and file false cases against their male partners. Family laws exist in our country but women believe that those laws are only made for them. Men always have a fear of defamation in society and due to this fear, they are unable to put forward their part of the story. Women in India have got a tool, that is called feminism and they can play a feminist card very easily nowadays. Most of the women who torture a man mentally are the advocates of feminism only.

With laws being made to protect women, our judiciary system has become biased. We all talk and hear a lot about women’s rights. Whereas in all this chaos men’s rights often go unnoticed and unheard.

With laws like IPC 498A, PWDVA 2005 Domestic Violence, 125CrPC Maintenance, IPC 375 Gang Rape, IPC 376 False Rape, and many others because of which innocent men and their families are being suffered.

If a woman lodges a complaint against her man, then the police will quickly issue an arrest warrant against the man and in some cases, they don’t even ask for evidence. If the same case is put-up in front of the police by a man, then they will not even take the case seriously in India. First of all, only a few men put up such cases in front of the police because most men don’t even show that they are being harassed due to the social stigma, i.e., “Men are meant to be stronger”. Here, we will provide you the knowledge about the rights of a man, from which Indian men are unaware until today. Our website will tell you about how women pressurize men by taking legal action against them and by trapping them in false cases. I am here to bring awareness about men’s rights, Counsel either gender, raise my voice against this unjust and inhuman system, and offer my Legal advice and support if you are fighting a legal battle.