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Testimonial 2

Thank you, Monica mam, for saving me from ruining my own life, image, and family. I was tortured by my in-laws for delivering a baby boy. I felt like dying, but couldn’t say it out loud because my own parents are orthodox about getting a divorce and everything else and my in-laws knew about it. So, one day to get rid of all this I thought that I should file a strong case against all of them with some more false accusations. I never wanted to do this but couldn’t think of anything else at that time. So, for consulting on how to go ahead I went to Monica mam, she literally told me each and all pros and cons of doing the case. But at least I got to know why I should file a true case and not anything false. She helped me to make documents and everything. I peacefully got out of that marriage, and now looking forward to settle again. Thank you, mam, if I would have done that false case at that time, I would have never lived a happy life again. Thank you