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Medical Termination of Pregnancy ACT

Why Kill The Child? Give It In Adoption’: Delhi High Court Reserves Order On Unmarried Woman’s Plea Seeking Termination Of About 24 Weeks Pregnancy

1) If she is a woke feminist to get pregnant before marriage and bear the child for about 24 weeks shouldn’t she should be woke enough to give birth to the child and take the responsibility?
2) Was she not aware of 4 younger brothers and farmer parents before getting pregnant?
3) How come she managed to approach the Hon’ble Supreme Court if she is from an economically poor background?
4) 4. If we welcome and support such decisions then it will be against the law, and more women will be motivated to indulge in such illegal acts.
5) She is about 24 weeks pregnant and had enough time to make a decision. What was she busy with all this time? And why now?
6) 6. She is not an adolescent who does not understand what is happening and what decisions she needs to make. Why all this now? Just to waste the court’s time and seek attention?
7) Only God knows what goes inside the minds of such kind of shameless women. Such women are a curse to the entire womanhood.
8) 8. Nature has given women the gift of motherhood, but the carelessness and irresponsible attitude of such women can go to any extent.
9) Hearing this, the Chief Justice orally remarked, “We can’t kill the child. Law doesn’t permit us…She carried the child for 24 weeks. Why not 4 more weeks?